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State pink slip count drops slightly due to new retirements

Though nearly 3,000 state employees still have received layoff notices, the number targeted to lose their jobs shrank slightly over the last week as Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration begins the complicated “bumping” process of reassigning workers based both on seniority and skills. According to the latest weekly update from the governor’s office, the pink […]

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Three AFT chapters ratify concession deal

Three American Federation of Teachers chapters that represent 2,800 teachers at the state’s vocational-technical high schools, technical colleges and professionals at the University of Connecticut have ratified the tentative concession deal. The governing councils at these three chapters voted to ratify the deal without another vote by rank-and-file members. Jan Hochadel, head of the State […]

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Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan premiums being lowered for most members

The state has received federal approval to set a flat premium for its Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, allowing anyone who qualifies to get coverage for $381 a month, the governor’s office announced Tuesday. The new rate will take effect Sept. 1. Currently, the premiums vary by age, with rates as high as $893 a month. […]

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DPH to end licensing for funeral homes, embalmers, some clinics

As part of a plan to cut $20.6 million in two years, the state Department of Public Health will stop licensing funeral homes, funeral directors and embalmers, college infirmaries, and certain types of clinics, the department announced Monday. The cuts stem from a budget gap created when state employee unions rejected a concession deal aimed […]

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Lieberman’s on the fence in the debt deal, citing concerns about deep defense cuts

Sen. Joseph Lieberman has been one of the most vocal members of the Connecticut delegation when it comes to calling for major fiscal reform in Washington. Any meaningful package, the Democrat-turned-independent has said, must include both tax increases and entitlement cuts. But Lieberman signaled that he might draw a line in the sand Sunday night […]

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AAUP chapter’s leadership ratifies concession deal

An American Association of University Professors chapter that represents 1,150 faculty members and others in the four-campus Connecticut State University system has ratified the tentative concession deal. The AAUP chapter’s governing council voted to ratify the deal without another vote by rank-and-file members, who approved the previous tentative agreement by a 9-1 margin. The action […]

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Bysiewicz gets EMILY’s List nod

U.S. Senate hopeful Susan Bysiewicz got a political lift today from EMILY’s List, a national fundraising group that recruits and supports Democratic pro-choice female candidates. EMILY’s List put Bysiewicz, Connecticut’s former secretary of the state, “on the list.” That’s not a full-fledged endorsement but it will almost certainly help draw Democratic donors to her campaign. […]

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Larson, Courtney on frontlines in dealing with allegations against Oregon Dem

House Democrats are confronting another possible sex scandal within their ranks, and two Connecticut lawmakers will be on the frontlines of handling the fallout. The Portland Oregonian reported on Friday that a young woman called the office of Rep. David Wu, D-Ore., this spring and accused him of an “unwanted sexual encounter.” House Minority Leader […]

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Disability insurance program a target in debt talks

Health care spending is a target in every debt-reduction package that’s being talked about in Washington these days. One program that’s currently in the bulls-eye: the so-called CLASS Act, or Community Living Assistance Services and Supports. It was created under federal health reform to increase health care options for people with disabilities, seen as a […]