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CT mayors network, seek money and meet the Obamas in D.C.

WASHINGTON — Connecticut’s mayors made their annual pilgrimage to Washington this week, looking for money, connections and ideas. The three-day conference, cut short for many by the prospect of a historic blizzard expected to hit Washington tomorrow, is a rare chance to meet President Obama, and much of his cabinet. Continue Reading →

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Bridgeport election sparks anxiety over big environmental plans

BRIDGEPORT — With Mayor Bill Finch leaving office soon, there is concern for the incomplete environmental projects in his BGreeen 2020 initiative. Some worry that Mayor-elect Joseph P. Ganim, who campaigned on cutting taxes, could choose to pull the plug on some of the projects – especially those that involve city money. Continue Reading →

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Ganim, Foster, compete with crowded mayoral field in Bridgeport

BRIDGEPORT – As the mini-series that is this city’s mayoral election nears its final episode, the presumptive stars of the show are competing with a colorful supporting cast hungry for air time. Joe Ganim, the ex-con and ex-mayor, and Mary-Jane Foster, the woman cast as the best hope for barring his return to city hall, seemed lost Tuesday night in a radio studio crowded with seven mayoral candidates. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut mayors enter the fray over Export-Import Bank

Washington – Several Connecticut mayors have joined their counterparts in dozens of cities across the nation in writing to congressional leaders, urging them to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, a government agency that makes it easier for American companies to make overseas sales. Continue Reading →

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Ohio joins dustup over claim by Connecticut to be ‘first in flight’

The Ohio state legislature has introduced a resolution disparaging Connecticut’s claims to be “First in Flight,” reigniting a fight over whether the Wright brothers or Gustave Whitehead, a German immigrant who lived in Fairfield, were the first to fly a powered aircraft. Continue Reading →

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