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Himes to Dems who oppose Pelosi — put up alternative or shut up

WASHINGTON – With the help of members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday was nominated to be the Democratic candidate for the next Speaker of the House. But Pelosi still needs to win over some rebellious Democrats who want a change in leadership. Continue Reading →

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Hayes learning the ropes in Congress as part of a diverse freshman class

WASHINGTON – Cloistered in a hotel a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol, Rep.-elect Jahana Hayes and dozens of incoming members of the next Congress are learning the ropes of their new jobs and getting to know the colleagues they will work with – and sometimes fight with—next year. Continue Reading →

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Hayes says she’ll support Pelosi, so do all other CT lawmakers

WASHINGTON – After saying during her campaign that she would not back her bid to lead House Democrats in the next Congress,  Rep.-elect Jahana Hayes on Tuesday said she will support embattled House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. That makes support for Pelosi’s bid to hold the Speaker’s gavel unanimous among the members of the Connecticut delegation to the U.S. House. Continue Reading →

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Hayes not your typical freshman, will join group of black lawmakers with growing influence

WASHINGTON – When she’s sworn into the next Congress, Rep.-elect Jahana Hayes will not be your typical freshman lawmaker with limited influence. Instead, she will be joining a group with the outsized clout — and the ability to potentially block Nancy Pelosi’s bid to be re-elected Speaker of the House. Continue Reading →

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Midterm propels CT Dems into power, key roles in House ‘stop Trump’ efforts

WASHINGTON – The Democratic takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives has propelled Connecticut’s lawmakers into positions of power that may help them further their agendas and give them new roles in the effort to block President Donald Trump’s initiatives. Continue Reading →

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Conn. Dems close on heath care, the economy — and Trump

WASHINGTON – The closing argument Connecticut’s congressional delegation is making in this historic midterm election hews closely to Democratic messaging about health care and the economy — but they are also making President Donald Trump a focus of their last-minute campaigning. Continue Reading →

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Blue wave could propel Conn. Democrats into powerful jobs

WASHINGTON — A blue wave that wrests control of the U.S. House from the GOP would propel Connecticut’s Democratic House members — who are favored to win another term — out of a political wilderness and into positions of power. But while they may be able to advance their political agendas, the prospects of a continued GOP-controlled Senate would limit their new power.
Continue Reading →

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Hayes raises about $1.3 million in her quest for congressional seat

WASHINGTON – Jahana Hayes, a political newcomer vying for the 5th District congressional seat, has pulled in nearly $1.3 million in campaign donations since she announced her candidacy in May. Some of that money came from political action committees representing special interests and from those Hayes hopes to call colleagues after the Nov. 6 elections, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Continue Reading →

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Retiring Esty gives more than $100k to DCCC, still has large war chest

WASHINGTON — Retiring Rep.  Elizabeth Esty has given more than $100,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and spent thousands more polling her constituents and posting digital ads that tout her work in Congress, according to her latest filing with the Federal Elections Commission. Continue Reading →

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Hayes, Santos disagree on, well, pretty much everything in CT-5

PROSPECT — Democrat Jahana Hayes and Republican Manny Santos debated for the first time Thursday in Connecticut’s only open congressional race, offering sharply different views of immigration, trade, tax reform and Obamacare — issues President Donald J.Trump has brought to a boil in American political life. Continue Reading →

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