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As legislators struggle with human services cuts, are tax hikes coming?

Besides living with a sense of panic and staying up at night worrying, Marina Derman has been in advocacy mode lately, trying to convince lawmakers to salvage the program she says saved her family from crisis. She’s one of many people waiting for a resolution to the next state budget. Many legislators have criticized the deep cuts to health care and social services in the governor’s proposed spending plan, but it’s not yet clear how they plan to address the looming $1.3 billion deficit while avoiding cuts some have called untenable.

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Governor’s budget needs $300M in borrowing to stay in balance

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s new budget would need more than $300 million in borrowing to cover operating costs over the next two years if projections from nonpartisan analysts and the treasurer’s office are correct. The governor’s budget relies on a controversial fiscal practice that faces increasing scrutiny and drives up the interest rates Connecticut pays to borrow funds for school construction and other capital projects.

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Medicaid clients, seniors, health care providers face cuts under governor’s plan

About 34,000 parents would lose Medicaid coverage. Seniors would have to pay more for home care. The state would abandon a plan to better coordinate care for the costliest Medicaid clients and most health care providers that treat Medicaid patients would face a pay cut. It is all part of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s aim to save hundreds of millions of dollars through cuts to health care and social service programs.