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Huge red flag: rehiring UConn employee who got high on state time

Does someone have to get hurt before our state stands up for what’s right? UConn Health Center appropriately fired an individual who put the public at risk by getting high while working a job that involves driving a state vehicle and operating motorized equipment. But following an arbitration ruling in support of the employee’s case, the Connecticut Supreme Court upheld the arbiter’s finding instructing UConn Health to rehire the employee who got high on state time in a state vehicle.

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Court: UConn can withhold names of animal researchers, for now

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a trial judge used the wrong legal standard when he ordered the University of Connecticut to give an animal-rights group the names of researchers who had violated animal-research protocols. The university withheld the names to protect the researchers from potential abuse by animal-rights activists.

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UConn’s budget chief leaving with $138K severance

The University of Connecticut will pay its budget chief, Richard Gray, $138,000 in severance when he steps down from the post next month. UConn President Susan Herbst announced Gray’s intention to retire Friday to faculty and staff, but his separation agreement with the state’s flagship university, signed Thursday, indicates it may have been more than a retirement.