Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Wednesday that the lottery game known as Keno is still likely to open in the state and called on the quasi-public Connecticut Lottery Corporation to be open with the public and press about what their plans are in opening the games across the state.

“It’s a game that’s probably coming to our state. It’s been authorized by the legislature and the lottery folks are working on it. Whatever they are doing they need to do in an honest and transparent way and they need to keep the public informed,” Malloy told reporters at the state Capitol complex.

Malloy’s comments follows a Hartford Courant report that the lottery corporation has been holding private discussions about the creation of Keno and that key legislators are unaware of plans to open Keno in as many as 1,000 locations.

“They are dealing with the issue and quite frankly I haven’t gotten a report from them on this,” Malloy told reporters at the state Capitol complex.

The two-year state budget approved by legislators this spring depends on $3.8 million in revenue this fiscal year from Keno. Next fiscal year, which begins July 2014, relies on $27 million in revenue from Keno.

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