Chris Murphy cannot be trusted, here or abroad, because he puts his own political interests ahead of America. The freshmen Senator from Connecticut needs a chaperone.

Chris Murphy just traveled alone to Estonia and Ukraine — two NATO allies. Sen. Ron
Johnson (R-Wis.) could not make the trip. Unfortunately Sen. Murphy took his partisan baggage with him and chose not to stand up for American interests but instead he openly embraced criticism of our country and policies. Standing up for America is not in Chris Murphy’s DNA.

As we read Murphy’s early account of these meetings we hear the concerns of our allies as he conveyed them, but conveniently missing was his response. Estonia claimed that we are downgrading our ambassadorship to Estonia? Senator Murphy should have responded that the administration nominee, Rear Admiral Edward Masso (ret.), is a decorated Naval officer with nine commands to his credit and is the founder of Flagship Connections – a consulting company with expertise in cybersecurtiy to it’s credit. They would be pleased to know the credentials of this great nominee – RA Edward Masso is most certainly an upgrade.

Murphy went on to exclaim Estonian concern over criticism of Nato but he should have
thanked Estonia –for being one of the four countries, along with the U.S., Greece, and the UK (2014), that contribute 2 percent of the required GDP to the Nato Alliance. Equally important, he should have reminded the Ukraine that they are behind in their dues. Were these the senator’s responses? We don’t know, do we?

Then there is Iran. This should have been a softball for a United States Senator. Trump is challenging a known sponsor of terror on a deal that Murphy never should have approved.

Perhaps he told our allies that while we can’t get back back the cash sent in the dark of night maybe, just maybe, we can strengthen the deal. Either way, the ball is in Congress’s court and Murphy now has a chance to improve the deal or vote for status quo. How did Chris Murphy respond to this question? Was his response along partisan lines or did he show a unified, diplomatic front with our NATO ALLIES?

Chris Murphy only knows how to represent his own political interests and not the best interests of the United States.

Finally, Chris Murphy reported our allies had concerns about the Russian interference
investigation. This would have be a good time to assure our allies that no evidence of collusion has been found with the current White House. Equally important the senator should have told our allies that he is deeply concerned about the sale of 20 percent of our weapons grade Uranium to the Soviet Union — our mutual adversary. There may have been Russian collusion, but it appears it happened in the previous administration.

A U.S. Senator playing for the home team would unequivocally tell our friends that we will get to the bottom of Russian collusion, no matter where the investigations take us. That’s what free societies do.

Chris Murphy’s partisanship is legendary as is his declared resistance to the administration.

Without shedding light on his responses to questions from our allies we must be concerned that he carried his agenda with him overseas and used taxpayer money to advance his own political brand. Sadly, Senator Murphy missed the opportunity to show allies that in the United States we can have differences of opinion but we will always show a unified front that puts America before politics. Please Senator, do not travel outside the U.S. on official business unless we can provide you with a chaperone.

Dominic Rapini of Branford is a Republican candidate for the United States Senate.

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