October 11 – The International Day of the Girl provides us with a valuable opportunity to join forces and underscore the critical importance of empowering girls worldwide.

This day provides a global platform for advocacy and action aimed at addressing the unique challenges that girls face and promoting gender parity. It serves as a reminder that every girl, regardless of her background or circumstances, has the right to thrive.

There are several reasons why this day holds particular significance for us at LiveGirl:

Sheri West

Empowerment through education: LiveGirl’s core mission revolves around empowering girls through education and mentorship. International Day of the Girl reinforces the notion that education is a fundamental right for all girls, offering them a pathway to a brighter future.

Inspiring positive change: At LiveGirl, we are committed to creating a world where ALL girls can reach their full potential. This day serves as a reminder of the collective impact we can make by working together to support girls’ dreams and aspirations.

On October 9, Harvard’s Claudia Goldin won the 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics. Coldin’s work has illuminated the importance of gender equity in education and the workforce.  Her research has shown that closing the gender gap in education and promoting workplace flexibility are critical steps toward achieving gender equality.

Goldin’s work underscores the vital role we play at LiveGirl in supporting girls’ educational and career aspirations. By providing mentorship, educational resources, and a supportive community, we are helping to bridge the gender gap that the professor’s research highlights.

Can you imagine the power of unlocking all female potential? Can you imagine a world that provides access for ALL girls to thrive and succeed? A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Today on the Day of the Girl, can you imagine with us?

Given the systemic barriers that hold women and girls back and the current political environment charged to reduce women’s rights, it may feel like an uphill battle. Today, on the Day of the Girl, ask yourself, “What can I do?” and be inspired to take action.

Below are three actions that have immediate impact:

  1. Donate. Donate to an organization that serves women and girls. Currently, giving to women’s and girls’ organizations represents only 1.9% of total charitable giving in the U.S. By investing in women and girls’ education, skills development, and entrepreneurship, we unlock their potential as contributors to economic growth. Empowered women can drive innovation, start businesses, and strengthen economies. Investing in women and girls is not only a socially responsible choice but also a strategic and impactful one. [Donate to LiveGirl.]
  2. Mentor. Mentoring can change a girl’s life. The Centers for Disease Control report that only 4% of teen girls talk to a parent, teacher, or counselor when feeling stress or anxiety. During adolescence, teens replace their parents with peers as key influencers and too many don’t have a positive adult influence in their life. Too many girls don’t see what’s possible for them in college, career, or life. Girls with mentors are 86% more likely to seek a leadership position. You can be that positive influence. [Learn how here.]
  3. Ensure that your workplace is one where women can flourish. We’re all aware that gender norms emerge early and that stereotypes plague our culture and workplaces. But what do you do when a colleague talks over a woman in the meeting? What do you say when you hear colleagues discussing a person of color’s hair or appearance and describing it as unprofessional? Ask yourself, “Would you want your daughter to work here?” Also, make sure that your workplaces is cultivating a diverse talent pipeline and hiring female interns. Internships are the single most important experience in launching a young person’s career, and we must level the internship playing field. [Learn more here.]

If each of us commits to just one action today, we will collectively take a big step forward for gender parity. Imagine.

Sheri West of New Canaan is Founder, CEO and Chairwoman of LiveGirl.