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Connecticut’s most critical need: Bipartisanship

The events of the last week have highlighted the need for true bipartisanship in solving the state’s fiscal problems.
Why bipartisanship? Because we desperately need the best ideas from both sides of the aisle.
Last Friday and Saturday’s votes in the Senate and House were a reflection of what most people are looking for — a new approach, a break from policies that haven’t worked, and ultimately, a risk that could lead to greater rewards.
Despite a likely veto, that vote was exactly what state residents and businesses needed to see: those with different views working together to improve Connecticut for everyone.

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New legislative balance brings hope for Connecticut businesses

This recession also dampened the normally optimistic view of the future for many of the state’s residents, evident in the polling and focus groups CBIA conducted throughout the 2016 election season. But because of the resiliency of Connecticut businesses and their workforces, our companies are competing and winning every day.Employers are heartened by the hope that the new balance in the state legislature will lead to more bipartisanship, and therefore better policy choices, as they are by Gov. Dannel Malloy’s emphasis on a more predictable and stable fiscal environment for businesses in his Opening Day address to the General Assembly.

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Choose candidates who have economic growth as top priority

If you’re satisfied with the state of the economy in Connecticut, then vote for the status quo.
If you think we can do better, and bring greater investment, economic growth, and job creation to our state, here’s how we can make it happen.
We can start by electing state House and Senate candidates on November 8 who will make economic growth their top priority.