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Now run by legislature, CT-N resumes live coverage

After losing its non-profit operator in a fight over budget and independence, CT-N resumed live broadcasting Monday with coverage of a hearing by the legislature’s Public Health Committee about patient abuse and excessive overtime at the state’s high-security Whiting Forensic Division of Connecticut Valley Hospital. Bigger tests are to come. Continue Reading →

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CT-N is off line! Not exactly, just a little harder to find

Some visitors to the web site of CT-N, the state-owned public-affairs network whose non-profit vendor ceased operations Friday, were greeted Wednesday with an error message or default pages with links to pages promoting real estate and florists. The site still was there, just not at one of the usual addresses. Continue Reading →

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CT-N goes into reruns, debate over its future untelevised

It started so well, with mutual respect and shared ambition. But the 18-year marriage of the Connecticut General Assembly and the Connecticut Public Affairs Network ended Friday, each finally acknowledging that the growing tensions of recent months over the operation of CT-N had hardened into irreconcilable differences over money and mission. CT-N apparently will survive, but in what form and under whose management is uncertain. Continue Reading →

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CT-N’s non-profit staff to cease operations Friday

The Connecticut Public Affairs Network, the non-profit operator of CT-N since its inception in 1999 as the provider of gavel-to-gavel cable-television coverage of the General Assembly, said Thursday it will end operations Friday, unable to abide by a slashed budget and the loss of editorial control imposed by the legislature. Continue Reading →

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Cable, satellite TV balk at paying for new ‘civic network’

The cable and satellite television industries are lining up against a proposal for a new State Civic Network that would provide unprecedented cable and streaming video access to the legislature, courts and other aspects of public life in Connecticut. Their customers would pay for the new network, though proponents say it could cost as little as 40 cents per subscriber. Continue Reading →

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