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Pew: CT leads most states in ensuring good return on business incentives

Between grants, low-interest loans and tax breaks, Connecticut provides hundreds of millions of dollars annually in incentives to help businesses survive — and sometimes to expand — in a high-cost state. And while these incentives remain a perpetual source of debate, a national think-tank says Connecticut at least does better than most other states at ensuring it gets a good return on its investments.

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New report shows recreational marijuana revenue volatile in many states

While Connecticut opted not to legalize and tax recreational marijuana sales this year, many lawmakers saw the pot market as a revenue source that could rake in tens of millions of dollars annually for the state’s coffers. But a new analysis by Pew Charitable Trusts found that states with legalized pot sales are struggling to predict how much they can haul in on an annual basis.

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CT among highest states in Pentagon per-capita spending

WASHINGTON –  Pentagon spending on contracts in 2015 was $2,504 for every man, woman and child in Connecticut, more per person than in any other place except Virginia and the District of Columbia, according to a recently released report by the Pew Charitable Trusts. But a key lawmaker warned Thursday that lean years are coming for the Pentagon’s budget.

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Above the waves, Connecticut fishermen struggle to hang on

Shifting fish species have Connecticut fishermen in an emotional dispute over how the U.S. fishing system operates. They’re calling, if not downright begging, for immediate changes to fish allocations to save the state’s fishing industry from what many believe is its inevitable ruin. But others in the scientific and environmental communities are saying – maybe not so fast.