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Obsitnik opens ad campaign, public financing delayed again

Updated at 5:30 p.m.
Unwilling to wait further for a long-delayed public financing grant, Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Obsitnik is using $100,000 of his own money to begin a video advertising campaign on cable television and social media, his campaign said Thursday. Continue Reading →

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Boughton, Herbst granted $1.35M in public financing

The State Elections Enforcement Commission approved public financing grants Wednesday for Republicans Mark Boughton and Timothy Herbst, two of the three gubernatorial candidates participating in the voluntary Citizens’ Election Program in 2018. The third, Steve Obsitnik, will have to try again next week for a fifth time. Continue Reading →

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Seek and ye shall find… but at SEEC, it can take a while

Steve Obsitnik’s campaign for governor will go before the State Elections Enforcement Commission on Wednesday morning to make its fourth try since May 23 for approval of $1.35 million in public financing for his Republican primary in August. Two GOP competitors, Mark Boughton and Timothy Herbst, also are on the agenda again. Continue Reading →

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SEEC to Boughton, Herbst & Obsitnik: Come back next week

The three gubernatorial candidates seeking public financing failed to win approval of their grants Wednesday by the State Elections Enforcement Commission, the result of deficiencies in their applications for $1.35 million each to wage a primary. All three are Republicans. They will have another chance next week. Continue Reading →

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Stefanowski: Crowded field makes public financing too expensive

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski is challenging his many opponents to drop out of the voluntary public financing program that pays qualifying candidates $1.25 million for a primary and $6 million for the general election. That probably won’t impress many delegates at nominating conventions, where a candidate’s ability to qualify for public funds is a sign of credibility. But his call underscores how expensive this crowded election might be for taxpayers. Continue Reading →

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An unlikely rebuke of the General Assembly over election laws

With a blandly titled “informational forum,” a Democratic state senator choreographed an unusual rebuke of the General Assembly and its leadership Friday, eliciting testimony about the systematic weakening of campaign finance laws in Connecticut, most recently by provisions inserted into the bipartisan budget adopted in special session last fall. Continue Reading →

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Federal judge upholds law barring Ganim from public financing

A federal judge delivered a significant blow Wednesday to the gubernatorial ambitions of Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim by upholding a state law that bars Ganim, as a felon convicted of public corruption, from obtaining public campaign financing. He did not rule out an appeal — or running without public funds. Continue Reading →

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In CT Democrats’ new campaign ad, money is the message

With a new ad and press conference, Democrats made the corporate and billionaire backers of a Republican effort to gain seats in the Connecticut House an issue Thursday. The GOP called the effort a disingenuous gambit to distract voters from the state’s economic failings under a Democratic governor and legislature. Continue Reading →

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No resolution over SEEC’s authority in Malloy case

A Superior Court judge was disinclined Thursday to resolve whether federal law preempts state authorities from investigating if the Democratic Party illegally supported the re-election of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy with contributions from state contractors. The party wants him to halt the investigation with a ruling about jurisdiction. Continue Reading →

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