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Two weeks until The Mirror’s ‘Small State, Big Debate: Race’ event

Two weeks remain until The Connecticut Mirror’s annual event, “Small State, Big Debate: Race” on Oct. 6 at Fairfield University. The full event will feature New York Times columnist Charles Blow as the keynote speaker and also includes sessions on criminal justice with discussions on the governor’s “second-chance society” and policy research. Continue Reading →

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Does closing job centers set back Malloy’s 2nd chance initiative?

While Gov. Dannel P. Malloy recently dismissed speculation that the closures would weaken his comprehensive Second Chance Society program, others – including a top lawmaker on both budget and juvenile justice issues – aren’t so sure the administration isn’t working against itself. Continue Reading →

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Legislators approve ‘Second Chance,’ body camera bills

The Connecticut House and Senate voted in quick succession Monday to adopt two major criminal justice bills intended to increase police accountability, end racially disparate sentencing and lower incarceration rates for non-violent crimes. Continue Reading →

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Legislature to return Monday for concessions to business

The legislature and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy would sacrifice pieces of their biggest initiatives – property tax reform and transportation, respectively – to help roll back about 10 percent of the tax hikes in the new state budget, sources from the House and Senate Democratic caucuses said Friday. Legislators return Monday for what they hope will be a one-day special session. Continue Reading →

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A second chance for ‘Second Chance’ in special session

The General Assembly called itself into special session Wednesday to adopt bills necessary to implement the budget and one of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s top priorities, a bill carrying a name that officially turned ironic at the stroke of midnight: An Act Concerning a Second Chance Society. Yes, it was going to get a second chance. Continue Reading →

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FAQ part of Malloy’s lobbying for ‘Second Chance’

The office of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy sent the following email to legislators. SB 952, An Act Concerning a Second Chance Society
Frequently Asked Questions
As Governor’s Bill 952 has moved through the legislative process, there have been numerous questions (as well as some misconceptions) about various aspects of the bill. This document is intended to clarify both existing law, and the proposed changes in SB 952. How does existing state law handle “school zones” and mandatory minimums? Under current law, a conviction of “Simple Possession” of drugs within 1,500 feet of a school or day care center carries a mandatory minimum two year prison term. Continue Reading →

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A Connecticut prison is rededicated to sending men home

Serafettin Senel and Andrew Phillips are inmates at the Willard-Cybulski prison complex, one of Connecticut’s expensive monuments to the mistakes of men. Like 90 percent of everyone sentenced to prison, they eventually will go home. On Tuesday, they became symbols of a new effort to prepare them for that day. Continue Reading →

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Malloy would tax business, cut services to balance budget

The $40 billion two-year budget proposed Wednesday by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy closes a major deficit at little cost to the middle-class, while cutting social services, adding to the tax burden on business and making a small down payment on an ambitious 30-year plan to overhaul transportation. Continue Reading →

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Applause, and skepticism, for Malloy’s ‘second-chance society’

James Rovella was a Hartford homicide cop in the early 1990s, when Iran Nazario ran with Los Solidos, a gang quick to defend its drug turf with drive-by shootings. Rovella left the streets for management, eventually becoming chief. Nazario went to prison. On Wednesday, they shared the same table, listening to a governor talk about second chances. Continue Reading →

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