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Student suspensions can add to a downward spiral, data suggest

Students need to be at school to learn, but new state data show that many children expelled or suspended because they act out are among those likely to miss the most school and perform less well academically. “”Suspensions and expulsions may exacerbate academic deterioration,” reads a presentation prepared for the State Board of Education. Continue Reading →

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Union steps up lobbying despite movement on teacher evaluation

Despite indications the state will delay linking student test scores to teacher evaluations for another year and will scale back how heavily those scores must be weighed, the state’s largest teachers’ union is stepping up its lobbying efforts. Continue Reading →

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State panel moves to expand Commissioner’s Network

The State Board of Education’s Legislation and Bylaws Committee is recommending expanding the number of schools a district can have in the Commissioner’s Network. The network is a group of 18 low-achieving schools that have been given additional funding to launch certain changes, such as a longer school day or additional reading instruction. The committee wants the state legislature to allow districts to have six schools in the network. The present limit is four. The network is one of the centerpieces of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s education reform initiatives. Continue Reading →

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Malloy celebrates Pryor, but makes gesture to union critics

NEW BRITAIN – By turns wistful and upbeat, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor put a positive spin Thursday on Pryor’s announcement he will leave the Malloy administration, a departure sought by unions important to the governor’s re-election. He later named a leader of a teachers’ union to the State Board of Education. Continue Reading →

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Up next: Charter group that battled NYC mayor targets Connecticut

A charter school advocacy group founded by Wall Street players that recently took on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio — and won — is now taking on Bridgeport’s locally elected school board’s opposition to the state potentially opening two new charter school in their urban district. Continue Reading →

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Local budget crisis could close Winchester’s 4 schools

Winchester Public Schools are set to run out of money in December. The district’s superintendent told the State Board of Education Wednesday that the town’s finance director was arrested for financial fraud, and the municipal board is refusing to levy a new tax to pay the school district’s bills. Continue Reading →

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