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Lawmakers, Malloy administration wrangle over telemedicine

WASHINGTON – Connecticut’s congressional delegation is at odds with the Malloy administration over its failure to apply for an expansion of the HUSKY program that would give low-income residents access to new telemedicine services, especially for psychiatric care and substance abuse treatment. Continue Reading →

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CT optometrists sharply focused on banning online competition

A smartphone app that inexpensively checks eyes and renews prescriptions for contact lenses is cutting-edge, catnip for investors looking for the next big thing. But the political calculus of a bricks-and-mortar institution, the local optometrist, trying to ban the use of a disruptive web technology in Connecticut is decidedly old school. Continue Reading →

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Sick after hours? How to navigate your health care options

There’s no shortage of options for patients who are sick after hours or on weekends and don’t need to go to the ER: urgent care centers, retail clinics, even virtual visits through telemedicine. But what will you get from each of them? How do you decide where to go? Here’s some advice. Continue Reading →

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The doctor is online, and lawmakers are prescribing some rules

Dr. Mia Finkelston during a visit using LiveHealth Online, a form of telemedicine.

Joanna Leach didn’t have time to get to the doctor to check out her lingering cold. So she flipped open her laptop, signed up for a service and was soon face-to-face — or screen-to-screen — with a doctor in another state, who diagnosed her and prescribed medication. That form of health care — known as telemedicine — is expected to become more common, and an attempt by legislators to regulate it has brought forward a debate on the shape it should take. Continue Reading →

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