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Yale Law School dean calls for FBI investigation of Kavanaugh

WASHINGTON – Yale Law School Dean Heather Gerken, who angered many students at the university with complimentary remarks about Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh, on Friday called for an FBI investigation of allegations of sexual misconduct that have been leveled against the nominee. Continue Reading →

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Yale students at U.S. Capitol protest Kavanaugh, demand investigation

Washington – Dozens of Yale University students crowded the halls of the U.S. Capitol complex Monday to demand that allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh be thoroughly investigated. Continue Reading →

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Yale Law professors call for ‘neutral’ probe of Kavanaugh sexual assault accusation

WASHINGTON – As the partisan tussle over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court continued Friday, Yale Law School faculty weighed in with a letter asking that the FBI or another “neutral factfinder” investigate an accusation that the nominee sexually assaulted another teen at a high school party decades ago. Continue Reading →

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Yale Law professor bolsters Kavanaugh at confirmation hearing

WASHINGTON – Yale Law School professor Akhil Reed Amar warned Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday to rethink their opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s candidacy to the Supreme Court. As a graduate of Yale Law School, Kavanaugh’s nomination has kicked up a duststorm of controversy at the school.
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Two immigrant children in Connecticut sue over family separations

With the help of Connecticut attorneys, two children who were taken from their parents at the U.S.- Mexico border and sent to a Connecticut facility are suing the federal government for the “psychological and mental harm” caused by the separations. Continue Reading →

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James Forman Jr., tackling criminal justice from multiple angles

James Forman Jr. is a professor at Yale Law School, where he teaches courses including constitutional law, “Race, Class and Punishment” and a seminar where he brings law students into a Connecticut prison to take a class alongside people who are incarcerated. In this Sunday conversation, The Mirror sat down with Forman at his office in New Haven to hear about his career, the classes he’s teaching at Yale, and his 2017 book called “Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America.” Continue Reading →

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Yale law students help halt deportations

A Yale Law School team helped convince a judge Saturday to temporarily stop the government from deporting foreigners detained at U.S. airports based on an executive order by President Donald Trump. But the order has quashed about a dozen refugee families’ plans to resettle in New Haven in coming weeks. Continue Reading →

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