New test, same large achievement gaps

Huge gaps in achievement between minority students and their peers remain, state education officials said Friday as they released results of the new, more difficut SBAC standardized test.

Connecticut has long had some of the largest achievement gaps between minority students and their peers.

“The gaps persist,” Connecticut Education Commissioner Dianna Wentzell told reporters Friday, saying the differences in achievement are “similar” to those in previous years.

Statewide, 30 percent of black students passed the English exam compared to 67 percent of white students. Thirty-three percent of Hispanic students passed the English exam.

Similar disparities exist in math and science.

State education officials say it is critical that the state identify these disparities so that officials are able to target help — and additional state funding — to work toward equity among student populations.

Here’s a interactive graphic showing the disparities statewide.

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