How does your town fare under Malloy’s revised budget?

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has proposed a massive redistribution of state aid to the most impoverished communities. See below to see how your community fares.

Hartford stands to gain the most with an additional $57 million, followed by Waterbury with $49 million. West Hartford would be the biggest loser, with a proposed cut of $24 million, followed by Milford with a cut of $18 million.

The totals assume municipalities take the governor up on his proposal to tax the real estate of hospitals, some of their largest employers. It also assumes towns will have to pay a portion of teacher pension costs now paid by the state. For some towns, that may mean their new costs will exceed all state aid and will have to send the state the difference.

Below is how cities and towns make out if they elect not to tax their hospitals. For example, if Hartford decided not to tax its hospitals, it’s overall aid would increase by just $70,000.

The governor proposed doubling down on redistributing education aid to the neediest communities. Currently, two-thirds of the Education Cost Sharing Grant goes to the 30 lowest-performing districts. His first budget proposal would have directed 70 percent of education aid to the 30 lowest-performing districts.

His proposal Monday would direct 78 percent of state education aid to those lowest-performing districts. To do this, the governor proposes providing zero education aid to 31 municipalities, nine more than the 22 he proposed back in February. The additional towns that would lose all education aid are Glastonbury, East Granby, Oxford, New Fairfield, Clinton, North Haven, Newtown, Monroe and Shelton.

There may be a big caveat for this aid, as well: For communities that see increases, the administration has not decided whether to require it be spent entirely on education. Ben Barnes, the governor’s budget director, told reporters Monday, “That is something we will need to discuss.”

Want to see a specific grant or the percentage your town is cut? No problem. See here.