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Malloy calls ‘lockbox’ vote a milestone, not a setback

What do you say when your pitch for a constitutional amendment protecting transportation revenue is strongly endorsed by the General Assembly, just not by the three-fourths margin necessary to place it before the voters in 2016? “This is a victory,” Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Wednesday. “It’s not a hundred-percent victory, but it’s a victory.” Continue Reading →

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House takes transportation ‘lockbox’ off fast track

House Republicans blocked the General Assembly on Tuesday from reaching the super majority necessary to seek a referendum vote next year on a state constitutional amendment to create a legal ‘lockbox’ to protect future transportation funding. Continue Reading →

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Transportation advocates urge ‘lockbox’ despite budget woes

Transportation advocates were certain Thursday they want a new constitutional lockbox to protect planned new state investments in highways, bridges and railways. But they weren’t as specific about how state officials can shield new transportation dollars from a looming budget deficit roughly six times its size. Continue Reading →

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Malloy keeps options open on tolls for Connecticut highways

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy tried to give himself more flexibility Monday to re-establish tolls, warning he would force a Capitol debate in 2015 on the costs necessary to upgrade the state’s long-neglected transportation network. And while the governor insisted on the campaign trail last fall that two conditions must be met for tolls to be considered, he abandoned one – a precipitous drop in federal transportation funding – on Monday. Continue Reading →

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CT voters to decide whether to scrap 19th Century voting restrictions

It began as an effort to allow Civil War soldiers who were far from home to cast ballots in state and local elections, but that provision in Connecticut’s constitution has also kept voters from enjoying the rights shared by voters in 34 other states to cast an early ballot. Connecticut voters will now decide whether to allow the state legislature to amend the state’s restrictions on absentee or early voting. Continue Reading →

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