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Connecticut seeing surge of voter registrations since 2016 election

Connecticut residents are registering to vote at an unprecedented rate in a non-presidential election cycle, indicating increased interest in politics since President Donald Trump won the White House, analysts say. According to data from the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office, from the 2016 election through June of this year, 81,908 new voters registered as Democrats, compared to 43,390 who registered as Republicans.

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Connecticut’s early care budget cuts penny wise and pound foolish

If one wants to understand Connecticut’s budget woes, one need to look no further than its universal preschool strategy.  And in reviewing the governor’s and legislators’ budget deficit mitigation plans, it was disappointing to see that they opted to further erode the state’s early care system and industry, rather than make smarter choices that preserve both.

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Of politics, doing the right thing, and Connecticut jellyfish

This week’s debate over Gov. Dannel Malloy’s plan to reform an outdated drug law with clear racial implications shines a spotlight on discouraging dysfunction within the Connecticut General Assembly. What is surprising, and a bit embarrassing, is the ease with which our legislators apparently can be intimidated from doing the right thing — and their willingness to admit it.