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Bills on domestic violence, incarcerated women get final approval

The state House of Representatives gave final approval Thursday night to a bill giving an array of protections to incarcerated women, particularly those who are pregnant, and to a bill aimed at reducing instances when victims of domestic violence are arrested alongside their attackers. Continue Reading →

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House conservatives lose battle to block domestic violence law

By a surprisingly strong vote, the House of Representatives overcame tenacious opposition from conservatives Wednesday night to pass and send to the Senate a bill requiring gun owners to surrender their firearms within 24 hours of being served with a temporary restraining order in domestic violence cases. The fight had drawn the notice of the White House. Continue Reading →

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GOP legislators challenge Malloy’s domestic violence bill

Republican legislators grilled Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s top legal advisers for hours Monday during a public hearing on an administration proposal that sets the safety of domestic violence victims against the rights of gun owners. Continue Reading →

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Court warned of ‘life and death’ stakes in domestic cases

The Connecticut Supreme Court heard a public interest appeal Tuesday intended to clarify whether applications for restraining orders in family-violence cases ever can be denied without a hearing. “This isn’t a technicality,” Linda Allard of Greater Hartford Legal Aid told the court. “This is about life and death.” Continue Reading →

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A Super Bowl ad pushes for talk about domestic violence and sexual assault

Chances are most people watching the Super Bowl – and the ad about domestic violence that ran during the game – know someone who experienced domestic violence or sexual assault. But they might not be aware of it. “Despite the vast numbers impacted by these crimes, people are not talking about them,” said Virginia Witt, director of the campaign behind the ad. So what will change that? Continue Reading →

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Blumenthal wants Congress to punish NFL if it doesn’t reform

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said Monday he’s introducing a bill that would strip the NFL — and other professional sports teams — of their lucrative antitrust exemptions if they don’t reform. The NFL is under scrutiny for a number of recent scandals, including its handling of domestic violence allegations against former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice. Speaking outside of UConn’s Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Blumenthal said his legislation would make the antitrust exemption, which allows professional sports leagues and teams to negotiate exclusive broadcasts rights, renewable every five years. “The era of blank checks must end,” Blumenthal said. Blumenthal wants the NFL to crack down on players and staff accused of domestic violence — and donate money to organizations that help victims.

“The NFL should not be the aider and abettor of domestic violence,” he said. Continue Reading →

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Children of domestic violence: ‘Daddy shooted mommy’

Following child-witnessed homicides in Bristol and Oxford in less than two months, representatives of domestic abuse service agencies from across Connecticut are talking about ways to improve services for children in violent households. Continue Reading →

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