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Eight years out of prison, Ganim says he’s ready to be governor

Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim’s formal entrance into the race for governor Wednesday presents Democratic officials with two unsettling scenarios: Either they make peace with the prospect of their ticket being led by a convicted extortionist, or they try to dissuade the mayor of Connecticut’s largest city from running in a Democratic primary. Continue Reading →

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With Twitter account, Ganim is a candidate for governor

There are many ways to become a candidate for governor under state law. One of them is to do what Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim did Wednesday: Open a Twitter account under the name, “Joe Ganim for Governor.” (Update: the Twitter account went inactive Thursday, but Ganim’s texted reply to an effort to clarify his gubernatorial status was concise: “In.”) Continue Reading →

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Bridgeport throws Joe Ganim an anniversary party

BRIDGEPORT — Mario Testa leaned against the wall, arms crossed, and counted the room. The last of the state’s old-school Democratic bosses saw 250 men and women at a couple of dozen tables, not a bad turnout for what Testa called a last-minute, multi-purpose affair: a Democratic fundraiser and pre-election pep rally on the first anniversary of Joseph P. Ganim’s election as mayor. “I’ll be honest with you,” Testa said. “There was no arm-twisting.” Continue Reading →

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Bridgeport shootings bring Malloy to Ganim’s side

BRIDGEPORT — The body language seemed strained while photographers were briefly allowed in a room crowded with local, state and federal law enforcement called to talk to about street shootings. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy sat next to Mayor Joseph P. Ganim, never quite making eye contact with the mayor whose election he once opposed as an embarrassment to Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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Ganim, Gomes and Moore keep things complicated in Bridgeport

Summer is coming to Bridgeport, where the living never is easy, not in even-number years, not for Sens. Edwin A. Gomes and Marilyn Moore. On the day after the Democratic machine denied Gomes and Moore its backing for another term, Mayor Joseph P. Ganim lavishly praised them at a public ceremony Tuesday – taking care to stop well short of an endorsement. Continue Reading →

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Clinton looks past Sanders, calls Trump, Cruz dangerous

BRIDGEPORT – A hoarse Hillary Clinton closed her Connecticut primary campaign Sunday with an implicit nod to the supporters of her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, and a loud repudiation of how she says America has been divided by the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Republicans Donald J. Trump and Ted Cruz. Continue Reading →

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Ganim, Foster, compete with crowded mayoral field in Bridgeport

BRIDGEPORT – As the mini-series that is this city’s mayoral election nears its final episode, the presumptive stars of the show are competing with a colorful supporting cast hungry for air time. Joe Ganim, the ex-con and ex-mayor, and Mary-Jane Foster, the woman cast as the best hope for barring his return to city hall, seemed lost Tuesday night in a radio studio crowded with seven mayoral candidates. Continue Reading →

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