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Ganim benefits from Lamont’s fear of alienating Bridgeport

Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim was more aggressive Tuesday in questioning why Ned Lamont might be reluctant to support a convicted extortionist for governor than Lamont was in challenging Ganim’s fitness to lead Connecticut after seven years in prison for using his office to routinely shake down city contractors for bribes. Continue Reading →

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For Joe Ganim, the first question is the hardest at Democratic debate

FAIRFIELD — Try as he might, Joseph P. Ganim could not provoke Ned Lamont into an argument Thursday, failing to draw the Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner into any exchange capable of altering the dynamics of a race that never stray far from one question: Can Ganim, a convicted extortionist, be a credible statewide candidate?  Continue Reading →

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Ganim preaches party unity, Lamont campaign nonplussed

BRIDGEPORT — On a waterfront crowded with stories of disappointment and promise, some dating back to his first tenure in city hall here in the 1990s, Mayor Joseph P. Ganim jumped on the back of a pickup truck Monday to accept the endorsement by four trade unions of a campaign that is testing the  notion of whether Connecticut is ready to elect an ex-con as governor. Continue Reading →

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In this neighborhood, at least, no one says no to Joe Ganim

On a brick sidewalk along Park Street in Hartford, Henry Jemison was railing about the stupidity of corrupt politicians, potentially an awkward encounter for Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim. But no, Jemison was talking about Eddie A. Perez, who never went to prison. And not Ganim, who did. Now, Ganim was asking Henry Jemison to help him run for governor,to give him one of 15,458 signatures he needs to get on the ballot. Continue Reading →

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Lamont wins, while Ganim fails to qualify for primary

Democrats endorsed Ned Lamont for governor Saturday, putting their stock in a wealthy Greenwich businessman who became a national figure in 2006 with his antiwar challenge of U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman. They rejected an 11th-hour plea by Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim to overlook his criminal record and place him on the primary ballot. But they offered only lukewarm support to Lamont’s running mate, Susan Bysiewicz. Continue Reading →

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Ganim the last to oppose Lamont at convention

Intrigue over down-ballot races for lieutenant governor, treasurer and attorney general are expected to dominate this weekend’s Democratic convention as an unopposed U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy is nominated by acclamation for a second term Friday night and Ned Lamont is poised to win the endorsement for governor on a single ballot Saturday. Continue Reading →

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Eight years out of prison, Ganim says he’s ready to be governor

Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim’s formal entrance into the race for governor Wednesday presents Democratic officials with two unsettling scenarios: Either they make peace with the prospect of their ticket being led by a convicted extortionist, or they try to dissuade the mayor of Connecticut’s largest city from running in a Democratic primary. Continue Reading →

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With Twitter account, Ganim is a candidate for governor

There are many ways to become a candidate for governor under state law. One of them is to do what Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim did Wednesday: Open a Twitter account under the name, “Joe Ganim for Governor.” (Update: the Twitter account went inactive Thursday, but Ganim’s texted reply to an effort to clarify his gubernatorial status was concise: “In.”) Continue Reading →

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Bridgeport throws Joe Ganim an anniversary party

BRIDGEPORT — Mario Testa leaned against the wall, arms crossed, and counted the room. The last of the state’s old-school Democratic bosses saw 250 men and women at a couple of dozen tables, not a bad turnout for what Testa called a last-minute, multi-purpose affair: a Democratic fundraiser and pre-election pep rally on the first anniversary of Joseph P. Ganim’s election as mayor. “I’ll be honest with you,” Testa said. “There was no arm-twisting.” Continue Reading →

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