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UConn needs big boost in state aid to preserve sci-tech expansion

The University of Connecticut Board of Trustees is seeking major increases in state aid in each of the next two fiscal years, to maintain an initiaitve to expand science and technology programs and to cover mandated pay raises. Continue Reading →

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State universities have mixed results with enrollment targets

New academic initiatives yielded mixed enrollment results for Connecticut’s public colleges and universities, according to preliminary numbers. The University of Connecticut hit an enrollment benchmark for this fall, but the state’s merged public college system did not grow as much as hoped. Continue Reading →

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UConn trustees endorse nearly $300M in projects tied to Next Gen CT

University of Connecticut officials gave final approval Wednesday to nearly $300 million in capital projects crucial to a 10-year plan to dramatically expand its science and technology programs. They also endorsed plans for a new multi-story research building, a large housing complex for science, engineering and math students and a 3,400-foot road extension to link the Storrs campus’s technology park with Route 44.
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UConn officials say ‘Next Gen CT’ off to a fast start

Despite receiving their initial funding for a major science and technology initiative just one month ago, University of Connecticut officials told legislators Tuesday they have hit the ground running on their ambitious 10-year, $1.5 billion expansion program called Next Generation Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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UConn: State funding must grow to maintain faculty, financial aid gains

University of Connecticut officials adopted a new budget Wednesday that bolsters faculty and financial aid, but they warned that major growth in state aid will be needed in the near future to maintain those objectives. Continue Reading →

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New UConn budget to add faculty, continue tuition and fee hikes

The University of Connecticut Board of Trustees is expected to adopt a new $1.2 billion budget Wednesday that adds 61 faculty positions and boosts student aid while increasing tuition and fees about 4 percent over the current academic year. Continue Reading →

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Citing state cuts, UConn to raise tuition 6.5 percent next year

Facing a $46.2 million deficit for next school year, The University of Connecticut plans to exercise a provision in the four-year tuition plan it adopted in 2011 that allows the school to increase tuition more than 26 percent over the four years if state funding decreases. Continue Reading →

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UConn has 4 percent budget shortfall; considers additional tuition increase, other cuts

The University of Connecticut is facing a $46.2 million budget deficit for the fiscal year that begins July 1 — a 4 percent shortfall in the funding needed to continue its existing programs. Officials have not ruled out tuition increases and ways to cut expenses in order to close the gap. Continue Reading →

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As UConn builds more labs, research funding shrinks

Farmington — Leslie Loew, a researcher at the University of Connecticut, had planned to study the use of fluorescent dye and light to help doctors better repair life-threatening heart rhythms, but his funding was cut so that research will have to wait. Many research projects have stalled at the University of Connecticut as research funding dips. Over the past five fiscal years, annual research spending at UConn has declined by $61 million — a 26 percent reduction. The problem is that the federal funding spigot responsible for much of that research is narrowing. Federal stimulus funding ran out in 2012, and the federal government implemented across-the-board spending cuts in March — called sequestration — which affects research awards. Continue Reading →

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