Jahana Hayes visiting the U.S. Embassy in Namibia as 2016 national teacher of the year. U.S. Embassy via Flickr

Washington – Rep. Jahana Hayes on Friday became the latest Connecticut lawmaker to support the Green New Deal, a controversial proposal by congressional Democrats to combat climate change and promote economic equality.

“Representative Hayes understands how critical the issue of climate change is,” said Hayes spokesman Jason Newton. “ She evaluated the Green New Deal resolution and has signed on as a cosponsor because she believes in the goals set forth in the resolution.”

Newton also said Hayes “plans to continue monitoring the situation as the resolution becomes more specific legislative proposals.”

Hayes had previously said she was studying the proposal.

The Green New Deal, sponsored by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., is a set of non-binding proposals that include transitioning the country to 100 percent renewable energy and installing a high-speed rail system to reduce the reliance on cars. The resolution also calls for universal health care, a federal job guarantee program, and affordable housing for all.

GOP critics have called it “socialist,” “zany” and “delusional.”

But Democrats who support the Green New Deal say it’s an aspirational  blueprint to stimulate the economy, tackle climate change and promote racial and social equality.

With Hayes’ support, the only member of Connecticut’s all-Democratic congressional delegation who is not a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal is Rep. Jim Hayes, D-4th District.

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  1. I think we should sell the state to Amazon. Then send all our legislators to the Amazon Campus for some down to earth economics courses. Along with that they should attend classes on forensic science and the death of new born babies. Lastly have them go back to grammar school and have use CORE curricula subjects.

  2. “Democrats who support the Green New Deal say it’s an aspirational blueprint to stimulate the economy, tackle climate change and promote racial and social equality.”

    It’s a blatant attempt to implement governmental control over every facet of our entire lives.

    1. It’s not. You’ve been fooled by an entrenched fossil fuel industry whose executives have lied to us about what they know about climate change for the past 40 years. Now, in order to prevent the worst effects of climate change, we NEED TO use public investments to rapidly change the energy infrastructure in this country in the span of ~10 years. This isn’t “government control over every facet of our entire lives”, it’s prudent risk mitigation based on science.

      1. I don’t know where you are getting the documents, but I am reading these document as was given to congress and US.gov website. I am not getting this information from a third party and I am not reading the same documents you are. What is your source?

  3. So everything I have read on the “New Green Deal” says that it is impossible to implement at the cost of over 100 trillion dollars in the next ten years. Assuming that every man, women and child were available to covert houses, cars and industry it would take 25 years for their ideas to be implemented outside of the cost. So what exactly is our representatives signing on for?

    1. Everything you’ve read is unfortunately wrong and was planted there by fossil fuel executives whose strategy for dealing with the threat-to-profits posed by the Green New Deal is FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) hit pieces. There are NO other frameworks currently in existence in the US for dealing with climate change at the scale and urgency of the crisis. Mere incrementalist modifications of the tax code around the edges won’t cause rapid enough change. We need to become a carbon neutral economy VERY rapidly; the US media has not kept pace with the science on this, they’ve led everyone to believe that this is a problem only to be used to attack Republicans, otherwise it’s been regarded as a theoretical issue that might hurt us one day…it’s hurting us NOW and the problem is getting worse.

      1. So if the USA becomes carbon neutral will that be enough to rest the numbers and back off from the warming of the earth? So in the early 1600s when the climate started changing according to the same scientist that are screaming about global warming, based on the core sampling of the glacial ice, is this because of climate cyclic periods or was it by an increase in carbon in the atmosphere. I am all for natural and alternatives to fossil fuels but lets do this smartly. We need to look further to nuclear power as one of the alternatives and solar collectors.

  4. This is the ultimate politics of empty platitudes. We need to reject blatant virtue-signaling politics at every level. If we put a plurality of Trump’s and AOC’s into government, we won’t survive.

  5. I’m so proud of Rep. Jahana Hayes for taking this HISTORIC step, and to the members of the Sunrise Movement and others for forcing us to have this national reckoning with what we’re going to seriously do about the climate crisis beyond merely use it to attack Republicans!

    1. Again, what is the source of your information. As reported by all of the media including the Mirror, CNN, Fox and CBS, NBC and ABC, where are you getting alternate information. Believe me I have been censored by the Mirror for my conservative views so where are you getting this information. Even the PEW institute is saying these changes would not only create chaos in the world, financial meltdown of the stock exchanges and it is physically impossible based on today’s technology. Even given that the scientific changes in the works on electrical storage fields don’t see the ideas as spelled out in this document could not be implemented. How do you take a high speed train to Europe?

  6. The New Green Deal is a Fairy Tale and these Legislators know it. Per usual, they tell people the fictions that they want to hear and then do the opposite once re-elected. AOC is the Princess on the Left and none of our Lefties have the spine to just say this thing is all Unicorns and Rainbows.

  7. Is this newly elected woman crazy? Medicare for all will do nothing but hurt senior citizens who have paid all their life for their medical benefits. This is outrageous.

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