The opioid epidemic that has been devastating many communities in Connecticut for the last several years was only exacerbated by the stress and isolation of the pandemic. And that’s on top of the influx of fentanyl that has truly led to an epidemic of overdose deaths.

But the pandemic has also shown us all the importance of prioritizing recovery and mental health. Are we turning the corner on the stigma of drug use?

In Their Own Words

Connecticut residents and experts share their perspectives with Untold.

This episode we go inside the District Court in Torrington to learn how people are being given access to treatment rather than jail. And Harriet Jones will take us to New London to find out how churches there are helping in the effort to keep drug users safe.

Mercy and John speak with Rushnee Vereen about her work as an overdose response technician for the City of Waterbury.

Organizations featured in this episode:

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