If you had to think about a key area of life where the pandemic truly exposed the enormous divisions that already existed in this state – education would be pretty close to the top of the list.

We were already the state with the largest achievement gap in the nation. A state where half-a-million people owe more than a billion dollars in student loans. And then, in March of 2020 — teachers, students, everyone, was sent home.

In Their Own Words

Connecticut residents and experts share their perspectives with Untold.

This episode, we visit with three UConn students who transitioned out of high school during the pandemic. And Jeniece Roman talks with teachers and families around Connecticut about surviving lockdown in the K-12 system.

John and Mercy talk with Cristher Estrada-Perez of the Student Loan Fund about the generational burden of educational debt.

Organizations featured in this episode:

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