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Advocates for marijuana sales point to big economic boost

Advocates for legalizing recreational marijuana use in Connecticut — and taxing its sales — are hoping a holistic, economic argument will win the day this year. Supporters say the potential to bolster the state’s tourism industry, create jobs, and even encourage young professionals to locate here, should attract votes for an issue that couldn’t get a vote in the House or Senate in 2017. Continue Reading →

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Session Notes: Legalizing pot gets its hearing

It’s a steep climb for proponents of legalized marijuana in Connecticut. The legislature’s Judiciary Committee killed a legalization bill without even holding a public hearing this year, and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy appears unalterably opposed. But the issue cleared one threshold Tuesday: It was the subject of an informational hearing. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut has 1,154 medical marijuana patients, but no applicants to grow or provide the drug yet

As of Tuesday, there were 1,154 patients certified to use marijuana for medicinal purposes in Connecticut, according to the state Department of Consumer Protection. Of those, 365 live in New Haven County, 281 live in Fairfield County, and 222 live in Hartford County. Tolland County has 28 patients, the fewest of any county. Continue Reading →

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