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For third straight year, state college system freezes hiring

Connecticut State Colleges & Universities President Mark Ojakian is issuing an immediate hiring freeze for the system’s 17 schools and its central office, a spokeswoman said. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s proposed budget would cut the state’s block grant to the college system by $25 million. Continue Reading →

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Higher ed board gives Ojakian 3-year extension as president

Mark Ojakian, who took over as the leader of the state’s largest public college system amid turmoil last year, has won something his predecessors were unable to achieve – a contract extension from the system’s governing board. The extension brings no raise in his $335,000 salary. Continue Reading →

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Ojakian, saying CSCU needs stability, wants to stay at the helm

“You can’t have a president every one or two years and expect that you’re actually going to provide the best service to students and to our state,” President Mark Ojakian said during a recent wide-ranging interview in his Hartford office. “You just can’t do that.” Continue Reading →

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What cuts loom at your community college or regional university?

“This is a very challenging budget that we are looking at,” said Mark Ojakian, the president of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities system. “Times of crisis are a time of opportunity. We are going to have to do business differently. We are not going to be able to sustain even this level of funding in the future. It’s going to be tough.” Continue Reading →

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College leaders decry proposed cuts; ‘It’s grim’ says Herbst

At many of the state’s public colleges – which collectively enroll 150,000 students – tuition could rise, course offerings would shrink, class sizes would increase, library hours would be cut and some degrees would no longer be offered, the state’s higher education leaders testified Wednesday. Continue Reading →

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CSCU seeks funding to offer college degrees to inmates

The state’s largest public college system is asking the federal government to fund degree-granting programs in nine of the state’s prisons. The programs would help inmates successfully return to society and boost falling enrollment at the state’s community colleges. Continue Reading →

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Board of Regents planning for departure of its president

The Board of Regents for Higher Education, the governing board of the state’s largest public college system, is planning for the departure of its embattled president, Gregory Gray. It is unclear if the board intends to force his departure, but sources say they already have identified at least one candidate for interim CEO. Continue Reading →

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Ojakian to leave as Malloy’s chief of staff

Mark Ojakian, the chief of staff to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy since the second year of the Malloy administration, is stepping down later this year. But he may not be entirely departing: A source close to the governor said Ojakian will remain “a close adviser.” His name already has surfaced for an interim post in higher education. Continue Reading →

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Budget debate: Malloy’s ‘childish,’ but GOP’s a ‘comedy show’

Leaders of the legislature’s Republican minority condemned Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s proposed budget Thursday as savaging the social safety net, but they declined to commit to offering their own alternative to the one by the Democratic administration. Zingers ensued. Continue Reading →

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