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Report: State agencies cut overtime costs by $37 million in FY16

Updated at 3:48 p.m.
After releasing an initial report last month showing significant savings in overtime costs, the legislature’s nonpartisan fiscal analysts announced Tuesday that state agencies spent about $37.1 million less on overtime in the fiscal year that ended in June than in the year before. Continue Reading →

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School bus seat belt funding goes unused except to reduce deficits

It’s been six years since legislators overwhelmingly approved a tax incentive and license fees to encourage schools to buy school buses equipped with seat belts. But not a single school district has used the program, and much of the money put aside has gone to offset state deficits. Continue Reading →

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Lembo reports $220M deficit, confirms eroding tax receipts

State Comptroller Kevin P. Lembo certified a $220 million deficit Tuesday for the current fiscal year, a report that largely echoes last week’s warning from the legislature’s nonpartisan analysts about eroding state income tax receipts. Continue Reading →

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Federal budget deal helps CT defense industry, state budget

Washington – One of Rep. John Boehner’s final acts as Speaker of the House this week was to negotiate a budget deal with the White House that will help Connecticut’s defense industry by boosting Pentagon spending and save the state government about $65 million in health care expenses for low-income residents and state retirees. Continue Reading →

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Questions about the last recession complicate CT’s budget woes

As Connecticut officials try to balance the state budget, they grapple with a question many other states and the federal government still can’t answer: How much damage was done to the economy during the last recession? Continue Reading →

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State’s top nonpartisan budget analyst takes UConn post

The director of the state legislature’s nonpartisan budget office, Alan P. Calandro of Burlington, announced Thursday he is leaving to take a post at the University of Connecticut. Calandro oversaw a dramatic expansion in the online posting of state budget documents, analyses and databases. Continue Reading →

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Larger deficit looms as Malloy warns of more emergency cuts

Nonpartisan fiscal analysts again asserted Wednesday that the current state budget deficit is worse than Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration has reported — and that’s despite a recent administration estimate that more than doubled the shortfall. And while the Office of Fiscal Analysis was issuing its $191 million deficit forecast, Malloy’s budget chief directed all agencies Wednesday to brace for a third round of emergency cuts and to ensure spending is “significantly curtailed” between now and the fiscal year’s close on June 30. Continue Reading →

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