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Kavanaugh and alleged victim of assault to testify before Senate panel

A handful of Connecticut female candidates joined other Democrats Monday calling for an investigation into the complaint that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl at a high school party decades ago. Continue Reading →

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Democratic candidates vie for crowd approval during Hartford forum

About 100 people came to the Hartford Public Library to hear the gubernatorial contenders, Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont and Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, and lieutenant governor candidates, Susan Bysiewicz and Eva Bermudez Zimmerman, answer questions regarding education, immigration, policing, marijuana, and at times, even their perceived moral turpitude.
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The careful dance of Susan Bysiewicz’s primary campaign

EAST HARTFORD — The carefully calibrated campaign of Susan Bysiewicz was on display Monday on a third-floor balcony overlooking the Connecticut River. A half-dozen elected officials sang the praises of Bysiewicz, studiously avoiding criticism or even mention of the young labor organizer opposing her in a Democratic primary for lieutenant governor. Continue Reading →

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Insurgents look to N.Y.’s Ocasio-Cortez as trail blazer

From New York to Los Angeles, insurgent and outsider candidates latched onto Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, trying to connect to the 28-year-old community organizer and Democratic Socialist who stunned the political world this week by beating the U.S. House’s fourth-ranking Democrat in a congressional primary in New York City. In Connecticut, the Ocasio-Cortez victory nudged the Working Families Party closer towards dropping its neutrality in a Democratic primary. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut’s lieutenant governor primaries confront gender, generation and race

The office is derided as the spare part of government, a job with few duties other than being available should the boss fall ill or worse. But primaries for lieutenant governor in Connecticut are asking Democrats and Republicans to think about their openness and appeal to millennials and minorities in a decidedly unsettled election cycle. Continue Reading →

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Bysiewicz endorsed, but dogged by surging Zimmerman

The Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor will be settled at an August primary between former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz of Middletown and Eva Bermudez Zimmerman of Newtown, whose protest candidacy blossomed into a full-blown campaign in just three days. Continue Reading →

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Floor challenge promised to Bysiewicz as Lamont’s L.G.

Eva Bermudez Zimmerman, who had a conversation with gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont about the possibility of becoming the Connecticut Democrats’ first Hispanic statewide nominee as his running mate before he picked Susan Bysiewicz, said Wednesday night she will seek the nomination for lieutenant governor Saturday. Continue Reading →

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Lamont-Bysiewicz: ‘United, we have the best chance’

NEW HAVEN — Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz glossed over scrapes and differences, the way political rivals do when they suddenly pivot, ending their competition for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. The task now is to frame themselves as capable of offering a fresh take on governing to a state deeply unhappy with its Democratic governor. Continue Reading →

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Ned Lamont forms ticket with Susan Bysiewicz

Democratic gubernatorial contenders Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz have agreed to run together on a ticket topped by Lamont, a move to discourage a primary while Republicans battle in a summer-long nomination fight, sources said Monday. The partnership, hatched over the weekend and confirmed Monday, is likely to get mixed reviews. Continue Reading →

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Bysiewicz gets publicity, but no money, from Emily’s List

Emily’s List, a national campaign fundraising network for Democratic women who support abortion rights, endorsed Susan Bysiewicz for governor Wednesday, but Connecticut’s campaign finance laws bar the group from helping meet Bysiewicz’s immediate need: Qualifying for public financing by raising $250,000 in small-dollar donations. She was $90,000 short a month ago. Continue Reading →

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