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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Malloy’s ‘racist in outcome’ phrase expresses an historic truth

We should take Gov. Malloy’s use of the phrase “racist in outcome if not intent” — and the Republicans’ disproportionate show of hurt feelings — as an opportunity for an unflinching examination of how our state’s system of town governments perpetuates the legal segregation of an earlier era. Historical factors and policies, many of them explicitly racist, have made Connecticut’s large cities predominantly non-white and predominantly poor, while its suburbs are predominantly white and better off.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

What Connecticut should learn from the Baltimore riots

The death of Freddie Gray in the custody of police in Baltimore reminds us that African Americans are more likely than any other racial group to be arrested in almost every city, for almost every type of crime. One report concluded that young African American males are 21 times more likely to be shot by police than their white counterparts. Connecticut has its history of systemic police racism, too, and it is time for it to be addressed.