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Medicare Savings Program cuts delayed by two months

Updated at 3:45 p.m. Wednesday
Lowered eligibility limits for the Medicare Savings Program, which uses Medicaid money to help low-income residents pay medical costs Medicare doesn’t cover, were supposed to go into effect on Jan. 1, but the Department of Social Services said Wednesday it will slow down implementation of the changes in response to concerns raised by the enrollees, advocates and legislators.

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After a tough term in Hartford, a spate of legislative retirements

One is 32, recently married and looking for a job that pays more than the $28,000 salary of a Connecticut state legislator. Another is 81, ready to retire from the battles in Hartford. Others are weary of having to explain a chronic fiscal crisis. For reasons personal and political, at least 20 members of the Connecticut General Assembly marked the end of their last regular session Wednesday.

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A quick guide to the 2016 Connecticut General Assembly

It’s opening day of the Connecticut General Assembly’s three-month session. If you can’t tell the players without a program, if you want a little history of an institution that has dramatically changed in the past 50 years, this is your quick guide to the session – with links to bios and contact information on every lawmaker and constitutional officer. Play ball.

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New seats for charter schools not the answer for Connecticut

Can you imagine a neighborhood in West Hartford in which two or three of the children on the cul-de-sac attend a charter school, funded with $11,000 per student per year of taxpayer money and promoted as a superior school, while all the other children in the neighborhood attend what is said to be an inferior school also funded by taxpayer money? Can you imagine New Canaan parents sending their children to an elementary school in which 23.78 percent of the children are suspended? The answer to these and many others regarding charter schools is: Of course not.

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Tara Cook-Littman: GMO activist becomes candidate

No one quite captured the zeitgeist at the State Capitol last year like Tara Cook-Littman. The founder of GMO Free CT used social media to rally foodies, environmentalists and consumer activists behind a successful crusade to require the labeling of genetically modified foods. Now, she wants to try public policy from the inside — as a legislator.