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Stefanowski unsure about state’s role in crumbling foundations

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski toured a house plagued by the crumbling-foundations phenomenon that present a multi-billion-dollar loss to homeowners in eastern Connecticut. He offered sympathy to the homeowner Wednesday, but skepticism to reporters about government’s role in addressing the slowly unfolding disaster. Continue Reading →

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CT lawmakers seek federal help for homeowners with crumbling foundations

WASHINGTON – As Congress rushes to finish work before its August recess, Connecticut lawmakers are trying to get some federal help for homeowners who have been victimized by tainted concrete that has caused the foundations of their homes to crumble. They’ve made some progress, but final congressional approval of their efforts isn’t guaranteed.
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HUD’s Carson commits to helping residents with crumbling foundations

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson Monday got a close-up look at the damage to one of thousands of Connecticut homes built with contaminated concrete. He said rescuing the homeowners from financial ruin will take a comprehensive, multi-government approach. Continue Reading →

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HUD’S Carson to visit Willington to view crumbling foundation

WASHINGTON — U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson  has accepted an invitation from Sen. Chris Murphy to come to Connecticut and take a first-hand look at the damage to homes that have  crumbling foundations made of  tainted concrete. Continue Reading →

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Blumenthal, Murphy sponsor bills to help homeowners with crumbling foundations

WASHINGTON – Connecticut’s U.S. senators on Wednesday introduced a pair of bills aimed at helping homeowners with crumbling foundations, but conceded it will be an “uphill fight” to win congressional approval of the legislation. Continue Reading →

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House Democrats pledge vote on crumbling-foundations funding

House Democratic leaders tried Wednesday to jump-start stalled efforts to address the crumbling concrete foundation crisis in eastern Connecticut, joining two rank-and-file Republicans at an unusual press conference with potential implications for the last weeks of the 2018 session and the campaign for control of the General Assembly. Continue Reading →

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Feds bring technical aid, not cash, on crumbling foundations

The Federal Emergency Management Agency repeatedly has declined to classify the damage caused by pyrrhotite, a mineral that corrodes when exposed to water, as an emergency or major disaster eligible for federal assistance, but the agency and Army engineers have taken the step of working to establish testing standards for the mineral. Continue Reading →

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Courtney to Malloy: Use HUD funds to help fix crumbling foundations

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s budget would eliminate a housing grant program that pays for projects in nearly two dozen Connecticut towns – and Rep. Joe Courtney wants the Malloy administration to also use it to help residents with crumbling foundations before the money disappears. Continue Reading →

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