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Here’s why some students land a seat in coveted magnet schools outside the lottery

Students enrolled in a magnet school run by the Capitol Region Education Council last school year were already attending another magnet school, but needed to transfer schools because of safety reasons – such as being bullied – or because they were foster children or homeless and requested changing schools. It’s still unclear what happened in Hartford Public Schools’ magnet schools. Continue Reading →

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School choice lottery a mystery for parents as desegregation efforts stall

The confusion surrounding who wins the lottery – or doesn’t – has fueled displeasure and distrust among many Hartford residents concerned that the vast network of magnet schools has created a two-tiered education system where thousands of struggling city students are stuck in underperforming neighborhood schools. Continue Reading →

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A stalemate in desegregating Hartford schools

A Superior Court judge Friday gave the state another year to figure out how to desegregate the schools thousands of Hartford children attend, though Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said later in the afternoon the state is under no obligation to move much beyond currently required levels of integration – 47.5 percent of Hartford’s students. Continue Reading →

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School desegregation: Will focus shift from magnets to suburbs?

As Connecticut spends billions to build and run 42 racially integrated magnet schools in an effort to meet a court desegregation order, the state has failed to substantially grow a far less expensive alternative by enrolling city students in suburban schools. Continue Reading →

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$20M agreement will expand school choice to desegregate Hartford schools

State officials agreed Monday to offer 1,325 more children living in Hartford seats in existing magnet or suburban public schools next school year. The agreement is the latest result of an 18-year-old Connecticut Supreme Court decision that ordered the state to eliminate the educational inequities caused by the capital city’s segregated schools. Continue Reading →

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Magnet schools increasing burden on municipalities

Faced with deficits and stagnant per-student funding from the state, magnet school leaders have increasingly been forced to turn to local districts to fill the shortfall. But it is not a remedy that can continue indefinitely, they warn. They want the state to increase its support for magnet school students by $1,000 each. Continue Reading →

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School choice: Future of new magnet schools uncertain

When state legislators placed a moratorium on building new magnet schools outside the capital region five years ago, they wanted to know if these schools were worth the large investment before boosting enrollment further. So they ordered the state education commissioner to assess magnet school performance and submit a plan for their future. That plan is now four years late, magnet schools approved before the moratorium will probably be full by the start of the next school year, research is incomplete on their impact and many legislators are reluctant to open new schools. Continue Reading →

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Malloy’s educational record: bold plans and compromise

Connecticut’s governor for the next four years will face a wide range of challenges to improve the state’s public schools. The Mirror spoke with both major party candidates about their approach to education. Today, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy talks about his track record and future plans. Wednesday, Republican challenger Tom Foley will lay out his vision for Connecticut schools. Continue Reading →

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Up next: Charter group that battled NYC mayor targets Connecticut

A charter school advocacy group founded by Wall Street players that recently took on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio — and won — is now taking on Bridgeport’s locally elected school board’s opposition to the state potentially opening two new charter school in their urban district. Continue Reading →

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Report: Many Connecticut charter schools ‘hyper-segregated’

State law requires education leaders to “reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation” to advance the state’s interests, but an advocacy group reports that most of Connecticut’s charter schools are “hyper-segregated.”
Continue Reading →

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