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State delays controversial electronic system mandate for home health care

The state Department of Social Services has agreed to postpone the rollout of a new electronic system for home health agencies after an outcry among providers and threats to drop clients on Medicaid. Continue Reading →

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Home health agencies seek delay for electronic system

Home care agency leaders say a new electronic system the state’s Medicaid program requires them to use has been beset by problems and has led some agencies to consider phasing out service to Medicaid clients. But the state agency overseeing it says anecdotal information suggests it could be improving services. Continue Reading →

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Home care agencies warn new system could cause major problems

Starting Jan. 1, the state will begin requiring home care workers to use a new electronic system for reporting the time they spend caring for certain clients – a change forecast to save the state millions of dollars. But home care providers worry problems could leave them unable to make payroll. And one major agency says it will refuse to use the new system. Continue Reading →

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DSS’s long-awaited computer fix finally arrives, starting today

The mainframe computer system underpinning operations at the state Department of Social Services is so old, there are few people left who know how to fix it. It’s been blamed for stymieing the agency’s ability to handle programs that serve nearly 1 million people. As its replacement launches in part of the state today, officials say some growing pains are expected. Continue Reading →

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Wait-listed: Budget woes blamed for delays serving people with brain injuries

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Twenty-five people are on the waiting list for services under a state-run program for people with acquired brain injuries that has 13 open slots, and advocates say the state is violating the terms of the program by not filling them. State officials dispute that, and say they lack the funding and staff to fill the program. Continue Reading →

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Thousands of Obamacare customers at risk of losing coverage or subsidies

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More than 7,000 customers of Connecticut’s health insurance exchange must provide additional documentation to maintain their coverage or the tax credits that subsidize their premiums – a process that has already led to confusion and, in some cases, lost coverage or subsidies, exchange CEO Jim Wadleigh said Tuesday. Continue Reading →

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Still on hold: A solution for long DSS call-wait times

This is a photo of DSS Commissioner Roderick L. Bremby and George Chamberlin, who runs the benefits centers

It took an average of 54 minutes for callers to reach a Department of Social Services worker by phone last month. That’s an improvement over February’s 70-minute average, and one of the lower average monthly wait times in the past year. But client advocates say it’s long past time things be improved in the phone system, which launched in July 2013 as part of a highly touted “modernization” initiative. Continue Reading →

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After providers complain, lawmakers consider changes to Medicaid audits

Legislators are considering changes to the way the state audits Medicaid payments to health care providers, who have complained for years that the process penalizes honest errors and can lead to costs dramatically higher than any identified mistakes. One independent pharmacist got involved in pushing for change after an audit of his drug store found $268 worth of problematic prescriptions — and he faced a penalty of $144,814. Continue Reading →

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DSS said to have continued thousands on Medicaid without ensuring they were still eligible

The state Department of Social Services continued providing Medicaid coverage to thousands of people for more than a year without checking whether they remained eligible, as is federally required, according to a contractor who recently left the department. Continue Reading →

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