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Murphy: Europeans worried about ‘incoherent’ U.S. foreign policy

WASHINGTON – Back from a quick trip to the nation, Sen. Chris Murphy on Monday said officials in Estonia are concerned the Trump administration has “downgraded” the nation by naming an acquaintance of former White House adviser Steve Bannon to replace its current U.S. ambassador. Continue Reading →

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Himes: Ukraine wants U.S. to provide ‘defensive’ weapons

WASHINGTON – Rep. Jim Himes, D-4th District, said Ukrainian officials told him and other members of a visiting congressional delegation that the country could use more help from the United States — in the form of “defensive” weapons — to help defeat Russian-backed rebels. Continue Reading →

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Murphy breaks Senate tradition with high-profile stands

WASHINGTON – With his fight for gun control, defense of the Affordable Care Act and clashes with President Obama on foreign policy, Sen. Chris Murphy broke with a Senate tradition that freshmen should be seen and not heard. “I don’t think there’s a waiting period anymore for freshmen,” he said. “My constituents did not elect me to be a shrinking violet.” (This is the seventh and final story in a series about the roles each member of the Connecticut congressional delegation played in the 113th Congress.) Continue Reading →

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CT lawmakers hope to harness anger at Russia to help Sikorsky

Washington – Ignored by the Pentagon and State Department, Connecticut lawmakers hope increasing congressional anger towards Moscow will finally force the end of U.S. purchases of helicopters made by Russian state arms dealer Rosoboronexport destined for the Afghan armed forces. Continue Reading →

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Murphy addresses Ukraine in New Haven

New Haven — Last weekend during a visit to New Haven, U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy predicted that Russia would never send its military into Ukraine. Murphy was back in New Haven Saturday, addressing Ukraine at St. Michael’s Ukrainian Church on George Street, after Russia had in face marched in to seize control of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. Continue Reading →

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