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The political temptations of an ambitious mayor, Luke Bronin

The great political seducers, ambition and opportunity, are double-teaming Hartford’s first-term mayor, Luke Bronin, tempting him with a weak field in an open race for governor. But do they speak louder than the promise he made two years ago to serve a full term if voters entrusted him with the job of stabilizing Connecticut’s struggling capital? Continue Reading →

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With UConn’s campus now open, Hartford asks, ‘What’s next?’

While plenty of smaller projects are still underway, the grand opening of the University of Connecticut’s new Hartford branch campus means for the first time in more than a decade there is a lull in major redevelopment downtown. Continue Reading →

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Some education aid increases might not be spent on schools

In his new budget Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is proposing to increase state education grants to 52 cities and towns with struggling schools by about $230 million, but it will be up to the municipalities to determine whether to actually spend it on their schools – or use it to close their own local budget shortfalls or make up for other state budget cuts. Continue Reading →

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With an eye on legislature, Bronin makes pitch to suburbs

It wasn’t necessarily the way Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin wanted to start a conversation with the suburbs about what it would mean to the region if the capital city goes broke. But the Metropolitan District Commission’s unexpected levy on its member communities for a reserve fund in case Hartford cannot pay its bills is getting Bronin invitations to the suburbs to talk about the city’s challenges. Continue Reading →

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Hartford’s Bronin seeks ally in push for municipal finance reform

With surging debt costs driving huge deficits in coming years, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin urged a state advisory panel Thursday to help him convince legislators to reform the municipal finance system. He also said he may ask state officials to advance the city millions of dollars in education grants to help stem worsening cash-flow issues. Continue Reading →

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National unrest sharpens CT’s focus on police-community trust

Despite enacting some of the country’s most progressive police reforms, Connecticut still faces the same questions other states do about whether police are doing enough to enforce the law effectively without infringing on the civil rights of minorities, and if they are doing enough to build trust with their communities. Continue Reading →

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Stadium fiasco threatens novel renewal idea

The controversial delays and added costs at Hartford’s new minor league baseball stadium not only put the 2016 Hartford Yard Goats baseball season on life support, it threatens what could be the city’s boldest renewal effort since the Front Street project began in the 1990s. Continue Reading →

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